20 Low Cost Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Frugal Entrepreneurs

8. Create a Free Facebook Fan Page for your Business

Facebook averages more than 1.23 billion monthly active users and counting. Creating a Facebook Fan page is a great way build your brand, stay engaged with your loyal customers and gain new visibility to potential clients.

9. Start a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Groups allow you to connect with others in the same industry, and also allows those with similar interests to share with one another, post and see jobs, make new contacts, and otherwise get established.

10. Create an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are an excellent way to fill in your current customers on the happenings of your business. Aweber[3] is a great resource that you can use to start an email newsletter.

11. Write a Press Release for your small business

A press release is basically an announcement where you can give details about your business and the services you offer.

12. Start participating in Network Events

This is an easy way to get to know and interact with others who are in your community and possibly even in the same industry. Meetup.com[4] allows you to search by location and find different events and groups to participate in.

13. Guest Post and Submit Articles to other Blogs in Your Industry

Connect with influencers in your industry and offer to submit informative articles to their blogs. Guest posting for them will give you another avenue of gaining exposure in your industry.

14. Offer Incentives and Rewards Programs to your current customers in exchange for referrals

Current customers will be happy (and more motivated) to refer you to a friend if there is some sort of incentive involved. Check out this blog post[5] to get some ideas for incentives and rewards that you can offer clients in exchange for referrals.

15. Setup Joint Ventures with other Companies in your business niche

Joining forces with another business in your industry will give you more exposure and allow you to get more visibility to potential customers in your niche. Consider participating in a joint event with another company similar to yours.

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