ViaForge Launches eCommerce Website for Frugal Lures

Custom Fishing Lure & Jig Retailer Receives Digital Rebirth.

Columbus, OH, January 31, 2017 –(– ViaForge announced that they have launched a brand new eCommerce website for Frugal Lures (Fishing Frugal Lures L.L.C.). Frugal Lures has the upper hand when it comes to customizing fishing lures because of their attention to detail and the quality jigs produced as a result. Now, Frugal Lures has a digital presence to match with new branding identity, a new website, and a custom lure builder that allows customers to visualize in real time, the product they are intending to purchase. ViaForge built a platform that allows anglers to design their own fishing lure within a streamlined eCommerce web experience.Since the Columbus, Ohio based digital marketing agency’s re-start in 2015, ViaForge has taken creative approaches to partnering with businesses to ensure digital growth. ViaForge’s CEO David Norris said, “After hearing that orders were being received and fulfilled over Facebook, I knew the previous web experience was not working for Frugal Lures. I was right. We jumped in with a prototype for the ‘Design Your Own’ functionality and ended up taking on brand identity and much much more.”

ViaForge provided branding, web design, web development (eCommerce development), SEO, digital strategy, SMM, and has even helped with internal processes such as shipping costs and branded packing slips. The Frugal Lures website is a custom built WordPress/WooCommerce theme and was built to the specific needs of Frugal Lures. ViaForge, although starting the project by prototyping the custom builder, (Design Your Own) feature, designed and developed an experience that places focus on the product(s). The end result is a gorgeous, finely tuned eCommerce solution that is already producing great results for Fishing Frugal Lures L.L.C.

About ViaForge L.L.C.: ViaForge is a full service digital marketing agency based in Columbus, Ohio focused on forging brand and customer relationships. We create elegant web and mobile experiences that stimulate digital growth and promote long lasting relationships between customers and brands. Partnering with our clients enables strategic digital collaboration, transformation, and transition.

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